Welcome! I have been transcribing professionally for over 25 years, creating the official note-for-note guitar songbooks for artists such as Metallica, John Mayer, Steve Vai, and Joe Pass. Please see below for a full listing. 

CUSTOM GUITAR TRANSCRIPTIONS - Accurate and User-friendly 
I specialize in creating accurate, user-friendly transcriptions, and enjoy tailoring them to fit your needs. For a no-obligation quote, please feel free to email me at I always reply same day to all inquiries.

  • Please attach an mp3 (or similar file) of the song you'd like transcribed. Or include a YouTube link

  • For partial songs and solos, please send full mp3 with track times indicated (e.g. 1:12 – 1:55)

  • Your choice of PDF, Sibelius or Guitar Pro files.

  • Payment accepted exclusively via PayPal. (A PayPal account is not required.)

  • Minimum charge is US$55.

  • Please note I never resell custom transcriptions. Yours is yours alone.

In addition to transcribing books of jazz and classical chord/melody pieces, I have also created multiple books of original arrangements in many styles (see below) and would be happy to create one for your favorite song. 

I love working directly with indie songwriters and have created many artists' sheet music and lead sheets. [samples] 

Thanks for visiting! Looking forward to hearing from you: 


[Updated April 2019]